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How Refer & Earn Works

Follow simple steps and earn unlimited referral bonus.

  • You Invite A Friend
    You Invite A Friend

    Invite a friend by an email, social media or WhatsApp.

  • Your Friend Joins Us
    Your Friend Joins Us

    Your Friend Joins us using referral code and complete verification.

  • Friend Shops Online
    Friend Shops Online

    Shop Online via our website and earn cashback.

  • Earn Bonus
    Earn Bonus

    You get $5 referral bonus and your friend gets $5 joining bonus.

Why Refer Friends

Benefits of referral

  • Help Your Friends
    Help Your Friends
    Let your friends know about earning crypto cashback on top of all discounts and promo codes.
  • One-time Bonus
    One-time Bonus
    When your friend join Bitago he/she will earn $5 as joining bonus and you'll earn $5 as referral bonus.
  • 10% from Every Transaction
    10% from Every Transaction
    Every time your friend earn the cashback, you will get 10% of his cashback as referral cashback.
  • Unlimited Earning for Life
    Unlimited Earning for Life
    The referral earning in Bitago is unlimited without any upper cap, until the program is lifetime.